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 Яндекс цитирования


As a manufacturer of security products since 1993, Joint Stock Company «RIELTA» gained a wide recognition as a leader in design and production of a line of security equipment in Russia.

  • Nowadays «RIELTA» presents:
    • Full line of equipment – from detectors to control panels and central stations
    • More than 250 product types
  • Security detectors:
    • PIR
    • Glass-break
    • Ultrasonic
    • Seismic vibration
    • Magnetic contacts
  • Fire detectors:
    • Smoke
    • Flame
    • Lineal smoke
    • Hand-held
    • Control panels
    • Wireless detectors and accessories 
    • Explosion-proof security and fire-alarm systems for hazardous areas protection
    • Central stations
    • Power supplies
    • Light management equipment
    • IR- Radiation Detectors 
    • Optical filters, etc.
    • A professional team of highly skilled engineers, designers, technologists
    • Complete development cycle - from idea to production
    • The enterprise equipped with modern means of manufacturing
    • System of 100% quality control during the manufacturing products process



The Quality Management System of JSC «RIELTA» complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008

The most important challenge for today is to create a modern competitive line of the home-produced security products, satisfying the requirements of the world best level.

Product warranty 5 years.