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Foton-12-Adr", "Foton-12B-Adr" and "Ladoga IKSS-A

Price: 685.44 руб


Addressable PIR

Detect intrusion into protected area of closed premises and monitoring wire loop (only Ladoga IKSS-A)



Detction range:

• “Foton-12-ADR”,“IKSS-А”, max
• “Foton-12B-ADR, max

12 m
15 m
Operating temperature -30…+50°С
 Dimensions  100×73×55 mm

“Ladoga IKSS-A” controls an additional loop’s state by its resistance. The loop has unique
address in the system

“Foton-12-ADR”, “Ladoga IKSS-A” – see diagram on page 112, fig.2
“Foton-12B-ADR” – see diagram on page 115, fig.15