Яндекс цитирования



Price: 1528.10 руб


Seismic vibration detectors (two wired)


Designed to detect attempts to destroy concrete walls and floors, brick walls, wooden structures, plywood, compound glass, armoured glass, standard metal safes, metal cabinets and ATMs.

• Detected impacts: sawing, drilling, cutting, hammering at concrete, brick or glazed construction.
• The unit provides immunity against acoustic noise, accidental impacts on monitored structures, prolonged vibration caused by transportation facilities, lifts, ventilation systems, and water supply systems.
• High level of immunity to electromagnetic interferences, electrostatic discharges and supply voltage dips.
• Power supply: 10-30 V DC via the loop or pulsation voltage 15-30V (pulsation frequency not less than 150Hz, on/off time ratio not more than 2).
• Generates alarm signal by increase in current consumption.


Vibration sensitivity 0.25 m/sec2
Power supply
- direct current
- pulsation current

30 V
15..30 V
Current consumption 1 mA
IP rating IP30
Size 123х58х26 mm
Operating temperature -30 … +50° С
Weight 0.25 kg