Яндекс цитирования


Optical coating


RIELTA optical coating department established in 2001 for design and manufacture of special optical filters and coating for company needs. Today we have full-scale production of long wave pass (edge) filters with a sharp cut-off below a particular wavelength. Our filters provide excellent white light immunity (both solar and headlight illumination) for RIELTA’s thermal radiation sensors. Constructed of hard, durable first-surface dielectric coatings on optical-quality IR-transmitting substrates, these filters will withstand normal cleaning and handling associated with any standard optical component.

Off-the-shelf product features:

  • Substrates –silicon wafers, thickness 0.3 – 0.6 mm, size 7x7, 10x10, 11x11 and 17x17 mm2;
  • Coatings – PbTe, ZnS;
  • Quantity of interference layers - up to 37;
  • Bandwidth – 2 – 15 micron;
  • Cut-off wavelength – 5.5; 6.5; 7; 7.5 and 9 micron;
  • Blocking – average 0.05 %;
  • Transmission (Typ) – 85 – 90 %;
  • Surface quality - according to OST 3-1901-95;
  • Environmental and physical durability – according to OST 3-1901-95.



RIELTA optical coating department offers competitively priced custom tailored IR and near IR filters:

  • cut-off long pass and short pass filters;
  • band pass filters;
  • antireflection coating for Ge, Si, ZnSe and etc;
  • mirrors and beam splitters;
  • other optical coatings for special applications.


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