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 Яндекс цитирования


Infrared Flame Detector
Combined Detector for ATMs
Designed for registration people passing through the detection zone.

“SH-2” operates as a component of a system providing passenger traffic monitoring.
771.72 руб
Wireless flood detector
1861.60 руб
Seismic vibration detector
840.00 руб
Wireless passive infrared
detector for open areas
Security Combined PIR + Glass Break Ceiling-mounting Detector ”Orlan-2”
Wireless glass break two-zones detector
Security Wireless Inertia Detector
Dual technology Seismic vibration and Tilt detector
1587.69 руб
Flammable Gas Detector
Combined PIR + Glass-break Detector
Combined PIR + Glass-break Detector
Wireless Passive Infrared Detectors
Light Alarm Annunciator
Outdoor passive infrared
1948.18 руб
Wireless Zone Extension Module.Repeater
2727.00 руб