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Price: 687.00 руб


Combined PIR + Glass break detector


  • Two independent detection channels:
    • Glass break – detecting destruction most of types of construction glasses
    • PIR – detecting criminal intrusion into monitored area of enclosed premise
  • Wide angle of PIR channel
  • Tamper output
  • LED indication of detection channels status, which could be switched off
  • Adjustable sensitivity of Glass break channel
  • Adjustable sensitivity of PIR channel
  • Alarm memory
  • Alarm output two NC relays:
    • Glass break channel
    • PIR channel
  • Swivel bracket in the set


Detection range:
• Glass break channel
• PIR channel

6 m
12 m
Minimum area of glass controlled by Glass-break channel 0,1 m2
Power supply, V DC 10..15 V
Current consumption, max 35 mА
IP rating IP30
Operating temperature -20..+45° C
Dimensions 126x70x55 mm