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Rielta offers the following services:

Assemblage of the printed circuit boards

The PCB assemblage is made with the use of the SMD technologies and point-to-point wiring. The use of the modern highly productive SMD machines ("Philips", "Quadro") guaranties the high quality of the products with the technological circle one or two weeks.

Tooling manufacturing

The modern precision guided machining centers and high qualification of our specialists provide the opportunity to make the unique tooling, molds and accessories according to your requirements , and also to produce any parts basing on your drawings.

The technological circle includes lathe, milling, grinding treatments, drilling together with the micrometric and final metal treatments.

NC and electronic erosion equipment are operated with the help of the programs written in Master Cam.

Molding production

The manufacturing of the plastic parts is made by the pressure injection method at the modern automatic equipment that helps to provide the high accuracy and perfect quality of the products.

Materials: ABS, polycarbonate, polyethylene.

Optical filters

Optical filters on the basis of the multilayer interference optical coatings are developed by means of the specially developed System of automatic programming. The layers are put in the special highly productive vacuum chambers with automatic control. Specially completed department of the material preparation provides the opportunity of manufacturing of the cutting and strip filters for operation in both: infrared and visual light specter rates.

Experienced personnel of the Rielta with its high qualification, our own modern high technology equipment stock, and correctly tuned technological scheme provide quality production of your order.

Rielta training facility

RIELTA Company would like to invite the specialists in designing and mounting of the security and safety systems for the free of charge seminars in the year 2009.