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• Two-way radio communication by the protocol “RIELTA-Contact-R”
• High security encryption protocol
• Protection against detectors substitution
• Frequency range from 433.05 to 434.79 MHz
• Four operating frequencies
• Automatic shift to backup frequency at difficult interference conditions
• Easy detectors initialization
• Possibility of changing the period of radio transmission
• Detection range - 200 m
• Main and backup power supply batteries
• Detectors operation from main battery is not less than 5 years if the channel control
frequency not less than 30 sec
• Possible re-transmission with routing
• Integration with different control panels by the digital protocols (“RS-485”, “SPI”,
“UART”, etc.)

Software & Firmware

  • Configuration Manager v 1.1.91 d.d. 25.03.2016г.  [EXE, 12.3Mb]
  • Configuration Manager v 0.57 d.d. 18.01.2018г. (new) [EXE, 14.5Mb]
  • Firmware version 3.29 for BRSS-RK-485 v.1 d.d 09.02.2017г. [ZIP, 51Kb]


Wireless passive infrared
detector for open areas
Wireless flood detector
1861.60 руб
Wireless glass break two-zones detector
Security Wireless Inertia Detector
Wireless zone expansion module
1543.00 руб
Wireless retransmitter
1706.00 руб
Autonomous wireless system on the basis of alarm circuits extension modules with relay output
2127.00 руб
Wireless remote keypad
Alarm button
780.00 руб
Wireless passive infrared sensors
1347.00 руб
Wireless passive infrared sensor
1440.00 руб
Wireless passive infrared sensor
1310.00 руб
Wireless magnetic contact
1117.00 руб
Wireless glass break detector
1818.00 руб
Wireless hand-held fire detector
1500.00 руб
Wireless smoke detector
1694.00 руб
Wireless temperature detector
Wireless two-zones magnetic contact
1412.00 руб
Sound Alarm Annunciator
Wireless zone expansion module
1543.00 руб
Wireless zone expansion module
1490.00 руб
2727.00 руб
Wireless Passive Infrared Detector
Wireless Passive Infrared Detector
External Temperature Sensor
Wireless temperature detector
Output Control Module “BKV-RK”
Wireless Relay Outputs Module
Wireless Magnetic Contact
Wireless Flood Detector
Wireless Remote Operating Console
Wireless Passive Infrared Detector
Passive infrared detector with pet immunity
Wireless magnetic contact
Wireless Passive Infrared Detectors
Light Alarm Annunciator
Wireless magnetic contact
Wireless Zone Extension Module.Repeater
2727.00 руб