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Flammable Gas Detector

Flammable gases detection and criminal explosion prevention

Designed for ATM complex protection.

  • Flammable gases detection and criminal explosion prevention
  • Detection of 10% gas concentration of the explosive limit
  • Feeding of the substance matter preventing explosion
  • High level of reliability
  • Two gas concentration thresholds generate alarm messages
  • Long life-time semiconductor sensing element
  • Power supply, V DC ‒ 12V
  • Low power consumption


Detected flammable gas concentration (methane, propane, hydrogen, etc.) in accordance with “SENS” switch position 10 % LECT * or 20% LEL
Supply voltage 9 – 17 V
The detector current consumption in Standby and Alarm modes, at least 60mA
Maximal commutated current under the rated voltage 36V, for the contacts “ТAMPER”, “C NC” at least 30 mA
Maximal load current for “+OUT-“ contacts at least 700 mА
Ambient class Boreal Climate (background temperature 15 - 35 оС, relative humidity 25 – 75%, air-pressure 86-106 kPa)
Voltage at the contacts “+OUT-“ under the rated current 100 mA, at least Power supply minus 1,2 V
IP rating IP30
Operating temperature 0 … +50 °С
Dimensions 112x41x32 mm
Average service life, not less than 5 years