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Flood Detector


  • Used to detect water leaks from water and heating supply networks of premises at individual and multi-storey buildings, in boiler houses etc. Classified as a device to detect man-triggered hazards
  • Installed in closed premises. Alarm output: energized Form A (NC) relay with activation of a sound announcer. Used as independent device or as a part of security alarm system 
  • Compatible with any control panel
  • Sending a message and supply via two-wire alarm loop
  • Detectors may be mounted on the floor or on the wall Immunity to touching with the wet item (cloth etc.)
Flood detection, water layer height, min 1 mm
Power supply, V DC 8…30 V
Current consumption, max at supply voltage 15 V not more than 3 µA
Current consumption, max at supply voltage 30 V  not more than 10 µA
Current consumption, max in “Alarm” mode at least 3.5 mA
Operating temperature 0…+60°С
IP rating  IP30
Dimensions: 65х20х20 mm
Detector weight: 0.03 kg
Cable length: 1.5 m