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Flood detector


STZ is intended for the detection of water leaks from water and heating supply networks of premises, in buildings with individual and multi-story buildings, in boiler rooms, etc.; belongs to the class of devices designed to detect technological threats.

It is installed in enclosed spaces and generates an alarm message by opening the contacts of the executive relay and switching the light alarm alerter.

It is used independently or as part of alarm systems.

  • The flood detector comprises a signal processing unit (SPU) and sensor elements (SE) from 1 to 3 pcs. Each SE is connected to the SPU via a separate two-wire loop up to 15 m long.
  • Installation of sensors is allowed both on a floor, and on a wall.


Detection of water leaks, water layer thickness 1 mm and more
Interference protection Touching with a damp object (rag, etc.)
Voltage supply 12 V
Consumed current 20 mA
Operating temperature -10…+50°С
      SPU IP30
      SE IP67
SPU 80х80х31 mm
SE 65х22х16 mm
SPU 0,07 kg
SE 0,05 kg