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Light Management System


A set of unexpensive professional lighting control equipment, ensuring simultaneous activation, deactivation and dimming of lamp groups within one premise. It is a set of low-voltage and wireless motion and occupancy and light intensity sensors, as well as controllers and power packs, switched in lighting line.

The set provides arranging energy-saving lighting control systems, highly effective for exploitation within premises of different application.

Wall/ceiling mounted infra-red motion sensors with high aperture Fresnel lens reliably detect people appearing in the premise within sensor detection zone up to 20 meters. Number of Fresnel lens single segments in motion sensors exceeds 400, what guarantees sensor sensitivity to small motions at distance up to 6 meters. Sensors generate analogue or digital control signals (photocells – only digital ones) by the protocol agreed with the customer.

Depending on the version controllers ensure power supply of wired sensors, processing of sensor signals and direct lamps (or other single phase loads) or power packs control. Controllers are designed to be installed on DIN rail and may provide additional functions: indication of single sensor response, adjustable time delay for a group of lamps. Maximum switching rating of controllers and power packs reaches the value 2.5 kW.

Basic application of the system – corridors and stairs of public premises, hotels, business centers and educational institutions, gym changing rooms, underground and multi-floor parking areas, warehouse premises, handling terminals etc. In combination with occupancy sensors and photocells the light management system may ensure lighting control (including dimming) in permanently inhabited premises.