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• Controls 8-80 zones of different types. • Operates with 32 independent areas. • Up to 33 programmable event driven relay outputs. • Two-wired addressable loop up to 500m long. • Restoring of addressable loop after short circuit. • Possibility to connect different types of addressable sensors to addressable loop • Possibility to connect to additional wire loop any types of sensors. • Panel comprises separate modules connected via two-wired communication bus. • Two-wired communication bus with lenght up to 1000 m long. • Tamper security against unauthorised attempts to open access covers of modules • Energy-independent system log for 2000 events. Records may be sorted and displayed • Computer programmable and monitored


Number of zones 80
- with MAS up to 64 addressable zones up to 16 conventional loops
- without MAS

up to 80 wireless zones

up to 80 conventional loops

Maximum communication bus lenth 1000 m
Maximum adressable loop lenth 500 m

Number of relays with switchable contacts:

- without BRV-A

- with four BRV-A




Power supply range 10.5-14V DC
Number of areas 32

- addressable loop;

– wireless loop

– loop with EOL;

– supervised EOL;

– loop with two EOLs

Access levels

- installer;

– administrator;

– user

 System log  2000 events (ring-type)
 Number of user passwords  100


The module scheme of control panel "Ladoga-A"

Back-up power supply unit
6453.42 руб
Addressable passive
infrared detector
920.40 руб
Addressable passive infrared
778.80 руб
Addressable smoke detectors
672.60 руб
Addressable glass break
791.78 руб
Addressable hand-held fire
863.76 руб
731.60 руб
984.12 руб
Interface module
2419.00 руб
3243.82 руб
Flash memory
231.28 руб
Interface module
1228.38 руб
Mimic module
1884.46 руб
Zone expansion module
1864.40 руб
Addressable loop module
901.52 руб
Arming / Disarming
1202.42 руб
Alpha keypad
3266.24 руб
Central module
3286.30 руб
Central module
3816.12 руб
Central module
3485.72 руб
Central module
3439.70 руб
Central module
2376.52 руб
Zone expansion module
1847.88 руб
Zone expansion module
1449.04 руб
Relay module
2160.58 руб
Relay module
1529.28 руб
Relay module
2928.76 руб
Addressable control panel
772.90 руб