Яндекс цитирования


Ladoga BP-A



Back-up power supply unit


Supplies power to control panels with nominal voltage 12 V DC


  • Stabilized pulse-type power supply unit with galvanized junction of output voltage from AC supply network
  • Microprocessor control
  • Remote control of operation mode via communication bus with control panel “Ladoga-A”
  • Two separate supply outputs
  • Thermally compensated battery charge
  • Battery with capacity from 7 to 18 Ah in can be installed in case
  • Automatic restoration of output voltage after elimination of cause of fault in loading circuits
  • Battery circuit control
  • Protecting of battery switch off if a failure is detected: open circuit, short circuit, incorrect connection of battery («reverse polarity»), connection of deeply discharged battery with voltage less than 9 V (without loading)
  • Automatic connection of battery after elimination of failure
  • Protection of battery from deep discharge


Power supply 160...250 V
Output (13.2±0.4)V DC
Output voltage pulsation (peak to
peak), max
not more than 30 mV
Nominal output currents 1А (output 1), 2А (output 2)
Output voltage when power supply is
provided from battery (back-up mode)
from 10 up to 13V
Battery charge current, max not more than 1.1 А
Battery discharge, max not more than 3.3 А
Shutdown threshold of battery
against the deep discharge
10.6 V
Battery type sealed unwatched lead-acid battery with nominal voltage 12 V, recommended
capacity-up to 65 A/h
Operating temperature -10…+40°С