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Ladoga BPI-A-2



Designed to increase the number of wire loops of the product. BPI is sending messages about the status of addressable alarm loop to MAS by the “Rielta Contact-A” protocol There are two versions of BPI:

  • “Ladoga BPI-A-1” – increases the number of alarm loops for one;
  • “Ladoga BPI-A-2” – increases the number of alarm loops for two.
  • “Ladoga BPI-A-1” controls loop status by its resistance
  • “Ladoga BPI-A-2” controls two loop’s status by their resistance. The loop has unique address in the system.

Types of detectors that can be included in alarm loop are:
• Magnetic contacts;
• Contact detectors;
• Detectors with the relay output or micro-switch contact output for example fire heat detectors.

Power supply provided via addressable alarm loop. Tamper output


Current consumption in “Norm” mode:

“Ladoga BPI-A-1”, max
“Ladoga BPI-A-2”, max


1.5 mA
2.5 mA

Addresses range from 1 to 64
Informativity, min 6
Operation temperature -30…+50°С
Dimensions 80×80×31 mm