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Ladoga BRSS-RК-R

Price: 2127.00 руб
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Autonomous wireless system on the basis of alarm circuits extension modules with relay output

Designed to control status and supervision of operation modes of wireless security and fire detectors and other output devices and transmission of received information to output relay contacts. Used to integrate wireless system into existing equipment of the facility (enables connection to any control panel).

Features of “Ladoga BRSS-RK-R”:
• Connecting up to 28 wireless devices
• 6 relay available:
- 4 relays are used to transmit “Alarm” message about intrusion into protected zones and detectors disconnection
- 1 relay is used to transmit signals about failures,
- 1 relay is used to transmit sabotage information
• Configuration of detectors’ compliance to relay outputs
• Fully informative user interface enables to detect failures in the system without any additional devices


 Operating temperature -30...+50°С 
 Power supply, V DC 10…15 V
 Current consumption, max  70 mA
 Relay parameters  72 V, 0.01 А
IP rating IP20
Dimensions 165x115x32 mm