Яндекс цитирования



Designed for centralized or autonomous security
of objects (offices, garages, weekend houses,
apartments, trade premises, warehouse, objects
of credit-financial system etc.)


• 8 zones expandable up to 32 zones with zone
expansion modules (8 zones per module).
• Maximum 8 areas (common area optional), each
area can operate independently.
• Possibility of using all loops with two-wired detectors.
• AC range 160-242V.
• Three keypad types: Alpha, Icon LCD, LED.
• Up to 16 keypads.
• Easy and convenient programming modes - Menu driven or Quick.
• Up to 60 users assignable to specific areas.
• Expandable memory up to 500 events.
• Onboard relay expandable up to 11 programmable relays (5 relays per module).
• The maximum length of communication bus is 1000 m.
• The engineering communication line for panel monitoring.
• Battery monitoring and protection from deep discharge.
• Digital autodialer, supporting different protocols: Ademco Contact ID, SIA, CFSK etc.


Number of zones 8 - 32
Maximum communication bus length 1000 m
Number of relays with switchable contacts:
- without BRRPS
- with two BRRPS

Power supply range 160...242V AC
Number of areas up to 8
Loops – with EOL;
– supervised EOL;
– with two EOLs
Access levels – installer;
– system administrator;
– area administrator;
– user
– maid
– control
– duress
– relay control
System log
-without BRRPS
-with two BRRPS

Number of user passwords 60

The module scheme of control panel "Ladoga"

Central module
3.00 руб
Keypads display information about control panel status
3.00 руб
Zone Expansion Module
3.00 руб
Two-wire Zone Expansion Module
3.00 руб
Relay event memory module
3.00 руб
Centronics interface module
3.00 руб
Mimic module
3.00 руб
3.00 руб
High-frequency multiplexing module
3.00 руб
Panic button matching module
3.00 руб
Provides battery protection from deep discharge.
3.00 руб
Ladoga software
3.00 руб
Central module
3.00 руб