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Ladoga BCNV

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Central module

Ladoga BC (BCNV) receives messages, controls status of zone expansion modules (ZEMs), monitores status of loop and user’s phone line, keeps system log, provides power supply of ZEMs and external devices, arranges transmitting of alarm messages to Central Security Post. Equipped with built-in power-independent real time clock.

- power supply:
160-242V AC, 50 Hz;
backup battery 12V DC / 7 Ah;
- loop features:

    "Ladoga BCNV"
Impedance in Normal mode   1.8 - 3.1 kOhm
Loop voltage   loop 1-7: 2-6V DC,
loop 8: 10-15V DC
SC current   loop 1-7: 3 mA,
loop 8: 40 mA
Response time   250 or 500 msec

- Central module outputs:
bell -10…13.8V DC / 2А;
strobe – 10…13.8V DC / 0.75А;
internal siren – 10…13.8V DC / 0.75А;
keypad power – 10…13.8V DC / 1А;
auxiliary power – 10…13.8V DC / 1А;
switched auxiliary power – 0…2.0V DC or 10…13.8 V DC / 0.3А;

- relay NC/NO 72V DC/ 35 mА;
- system log for 60 events;
- load shed module.