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см.раздел ЦЕНЫ


Control and Extinguishing Fire Alarm panel


Designed for autonomous or joint operation as a part of fire security systems of objects of different application within hazardous areas.

Refers to electrical equipment, should be installed outside hazardous areas. Explosion-proof labeling [Exib]IIB

One direction of fire extinguishing

Types of connected fire extinguishing modules: powder fire fighting, fire protection fluid, water mist fire fighting


  • receipt signals from automatic and hand-held fire detectors, as well as remote start panel (PDP)
  • power supply of detectors by means of 4-wire connection scheme
  • connection of detectors with flame-proof enclosure “d” with the use of explosion-proof barriers BIZ-Ех
  • acceptance of acknowledgement of hand-held fire detectors to loop
  • connecting up to 5 PDP into the loop of remote start with acceptance acknowledgement
  • connecting up to 5 detectors with normally closed contacts into door control loop of controlled premise
  • supervision of explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof light and sound announcers with control of communication bus
  • supervision of gas and smoke exhaust systems and other engineering systems and relays
  • PC configuration via USB
  • automatic, remote or manual activation of fire extinguishing
  • possible application if the area neighboring to controlled premise is hazardousSupervision of the panel is provided by buttons on the front panel of the device or by keypads “Yauza-KV” 
  • Sabotage protection

Restoration of mode “Automatic activation” of fire extinguishing is provided at front panel of the unit or by means of remote keypad “Yauza-KV”, and in hazardous area with the help of UPS-Ех module

Event log is maintained (4000 events), which can be viewed from PC via USB, or by means of keypad “Yauza-KV”

Provides operation with detectors and announcers produced by “RIELTA” JSC and other manufacturers


Intrinsically safe loops of fire alarm system 4 [Exiа]IIС
Intrinsically safe outputs for power supply of detectors 12V 100 mA 2 [Exiа]IIС
PDP connection loop 1  
Intrinsically safe loop of PDP remote start 1 [Exiа]IIС
Intrinsically safe door control loop 1 [Exiа]IIС
Fire extinguishing agent (FEA) sufficiency control loop 1  
Intrinsically safe loop of FEA sufficiency control 1 [Exiа]IIС
FEA supply control loop 1  
Intrinsically safe loop of FEA supply control 1 [Exiа]IIС
Intrinsically safe output of FEA start-up 12 V 600 mA 4 [Exib]IIB
Announcer’s outputs 12 V 500 mA 5  
Intrinsically safe announcer’s outputs 12V 150 mA 4 [Exiа]IIС
Extension of announcer’s outputs with external modules BKV-A 32  
Extension of intrinsically safe outputs of FEA and outputs of 
announcers by means of external modules BKV-Ех 12V 150 mA
Alarm relays 4  
Power supply programmable relay 4  
Extension of programmable power supply relay with external relay
modules BRV-A
Power supply:
• AC power supply
• DC external power supply unit
• Built-in batteries

~220V 50Hz
= 10...30 V
12V 24Ah
Operating temperature -25...+55°С  
Dimensions 400x530x110 mm