Яндекс цитирования





Combined PIR + TV detectors


  • Generation of alarm and TV signal which verifies detection of intruder
  • Automatic camera switching upon receiving the signal via PIR channel
  • Two operation modes of video camera:
    • Camera adjustment mode
    • Activation of camera for the preset interval (5,30 or 120 sec) upon receiving the signal via PIR channel
  • Supply voltage control
  • Operating temperature and PIR channel control
  • Swivel bracket in the set
  • Alarm output: energized Form A (NC) relay


  Pirs-1-1 Pirs -1-2 Pirs -1-2V Pirs -1-3
Detection range 12 12 12 20
Detection zone wide angle wide angle wide angle long range
Type of video camera black / white color color black / white
Lens flattened cone flattened cone flattened cone М12
Video camera resolution 350 300 480 350
TVL 350 300 480 350
Minimum light sensitivity, lux 1 3.5 1 1
Power supply, V DC 10…13.2 V
Current consumption, max:
• in standby mode
• in “Alarm” mode with switched on video camera

17 mA
150 mA
IP rating IP30
Operating temperature -10...+50° С
Dimensions 126x70x55 mm