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Security Combined PIR + Glass Break Ceiling-mounting Detector ”Orlan-2”


  • Two independent detection channels:
        - Glass break channel (hereinafter, GB channel);
        - Passive infrared channel (hereinafter, PIR channel);
  • GB channel is intended for detecting destruction of plate glass;
  • PIR channel is assigned for detecting intrusaion into protected area of closed premises;
  • The Detector generates an alarm message by output relay contacts opening.



PIR channel detection zone diameter at mounting height of 5 m, not less 9 m
Minimum controlled glass area, not less 0,1 m2
0,05 m2
PIR channel detected speed range 0,3...3 m/s
Power supply, V DC 9...15 V

Maximal current, commutated by executive relay

contacts at maximal voltage 72 V

30 mА
Warm-up time after energizing, not more 60 s
Operating temperature From minus 20 to +45 °С
PIR channel detection angle in horisontal plane 360°
GB detection angle:
- horisontal
- vertical

IP rating IP30
Relative humidity without moisture condensation 95% at 25 °С
Current consumption, maximum 35 mА
Dimensions (diameter х height), not more 105 х 48 mm
Weight, not more 100 g
Average service life 8 years