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Designed for application as a part of high speed operating infrared pyrometers, for measurement of thermal radiation of the objects with wave length from 2 to 15 μm.

Detectors BP-2M provide non-contact measurement of object temperature in the range from – 50°С to + 300°С with resolution at least 0.10С and high response time up to 0.3 msec. The detectors are an uncooled immersed bolometers with thermoresistive bridge gauge from semi-conductive ceramics based on Co and Mn oxides. Bridge gauge is mounted in focal plane of immersion polycrystalline Ge lens having an optical contact with it. Physical characteristics of the detector: active area from 50x50 to 120 x 120 μm with lens entrance pupil 10 mm.

Pyrometer optical characteristics without supplementary lens: field of view angle 1-2 degrees (0.5), distance-to-spot size ratio – from 20 to 30. Operating temperature range from - 10°С to + 55°С.

The detectors include digital power supply unit of bridge gauge, measuring circuits for operating signal and temperature of active area (reference signal) monitoring and 6.5 μm optical cutting filter. Individual calibration of the device is performed at the factory environment.