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Power supply unit


Designed to provide power supply to fire alarm units, which need back-up power supply with nominal voltage 12 V, DC.


  • Protection against current overload and short-circuit with restoration of output voltage after overload is eliminated
  • Protection against battery deep discharge
  • Output voltage LED indication of AC supply network or backup power supply
  • Generation of the following information messages into relay output:
  1. power supply switch-off (automatically backup power supply switch-on)
  2. discharge of battery if voltage on terminals is less than 11 V
  3. failure of battery
  4. failure of supply output
  5. tamper output


Maximum power consumption from AC 30 VA
Nominal output current 1,0 А
Maximum output current (not more than 30 min) 1,2 А
Power supply 187…242 V
Output 12±0,6 V
Output voltage pulsation (peak to peak) 30 mV
Battery’s capacity-up 7 Аh
IP rating IP30
Operating temperature (without battery) -30..+50° С
Size 220х185х75 mm
- without battery
- with battery

1,7 kg
3,7 kg