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Ladoga BRSS-RK-R

Price: 2127.00 руб


Autonomous radio channel system

Designed to monitor the status and control the operating modes of radio channel security detectors and other terminal devices and to transmit the received information to the relay output contacts.

It is used to integrate the radio channel subsystem with the existing equipment at the facility (provides the ability to connect to any control panel).


  • Connection of up to 31 radio channel devices
  • Availability of 8 built-in programmable relays with preset operating modes,
  • 1-4 relays indicate the states "Normal", "Flarm" (Fire), 5-8 generalized, indicate states: "Opening", "Alarm", "Malfunction" and "Armed",
  • Possibility of programming operation tactics for built-in relays and radio channel executive modules from a PC via USB connection


Operating temperature minus 30 ... + 50 ° С
Supply voltage 10 ... 15 V
Current consumption no more than 100 mA