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Seismic vibration detector


  • Designed to detect attempts to destroy concrete walls and floors, brick walls, wooden structures, plywood, timber constructions, standard metal safes, metal cabinets and ATMs
  • Wide range of detectable attacks, such as thermic lance, acetylene torch, drilling, diamond drill, electric cutting, hammers, chisels, explosion, etc.
  • Monitoring of several (up to 10) detectors by one signal processor module (SPM)
  • Power supply and signal transmission from detectors via the same two-wired loop up to 70 m long. Possible parallel connection of separate segments of the loop
  • Detection, indication and memory of:
    • two-wired loop failure,
    • tamper output,
    • disconnecting the detectors,
    • decrease of power supply
  • Alarm output: energized Form A (NC) SPM relay


Vibration sensitivity 0.1...1.6 m/sec2
Power supply, V DC 9…17 V
Current consumption, max 50 mA
IP rating IP30
Operating temperature -30 … +50° С