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Explosion-proof control panels for hazardous areas protection

Panels are designed to arrange fire security alarm systems for hazardous areas protection
Application: security of objects of oil and gas complex, chemical, mining and metal working industries, fillingstations, pharmaceutical, wood working, confectionery, grain processing companies, different warehouses and other objects containing hazardous areas


  • Number of zones:
    • “Yauza-4Ех” - 4
    • “Yauza-8Ех” - 8
    • “Yauza-16Ех” - 16
  • Detectors power supply from internal explosion-proof power supply units
  • Possible connection of explosion-proof detectors with explosion-proof labeling or without explosion proofing with the help of explosion-proof barrier “BIZ-Ех”
  • The panels may be supervised by means of:
    • Buttons on front panel, access to control is allowed after submission of key “Touch Memory”
    • Remote keypad with LED display “Yauza-KV” using access codes
    • Keys “Touch Memory” from readers installed in hazardous zones, using arming/disarming module “UPS- Ех”, as well as outside hazardous areas
  • Possible connection of backup power supply unit “Ladoga BP-A” for power supply of light and voice announcers and other peripheral devices, transfer of data and control of power supply unit is provided via communication bus of explosion-proof control panel “Yauza-Ех”
  • Possible control of external light and sound announcers with control of communication lines:
    • In common industrial option installed outside hazardous area
    • In hazardous areas with equipment protection by flameproof enclosure «d»
    • In explosion hazardous zone with the most reliable explosion-proof security type
  • Intrinsically safe loop “i” by means of built-in controlled intrinsically-safe power supply units
  • Configuration by:
    • DIP-switches (built-in operation tactics)
    • Keypad “Yauza-KV”
    • PC ( configuration, updating of firmware version, monitoring of event log possibility)


  “Yauza-4Ех” “Yauza-8Ех” “Yauza-16Ех”
Explosion proof labeling [Exia]IIC
Number of loops 4 8 16
Types of loops • fire
• fire thermal
• security
• alarm
• technological
• user
Number of explosion-proof supply units 2х100 mA 4х100 mA 8х100 mA
Number of controlled outputs 2
Number of low-current relays 4
Number of power relays 4
Voltage of main supply unit AC from 187 to 242 V, frequency 50 Hz
Voltage of external backup supply unit 11…30 V
Maximum number of devices connected to “Yausa-Ех”:
Arming/disarming modules “UPS-Ех” or “UPS-А” 16
Keypads “Yauza-KV” 4
Relay modules “Ladoga BRV-A” vers.2 4
Mimic modules “Ladoga BVI-A” 4
Output control modules “Ladoga BKV-A” or “BKV-Ex” 8
Addressable backup power supply unit “Ladoga BP-A” 4
Maximum capacity of battery installed in case 7 Ah 12 Ah 12 Ah
Operating temperature -10…+50°С
IP rating IP20
Dimensions (mm) 340×340×90 470×380×120 470×380×120
Weight without battery 4.5 kg 7.0 kg 7.5 kg