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Wireless Relay Outputs Module

Wireless Relay Outputs Module “BPV-RK” is designed for supervision of security automatic equipment modules by means of relay outputs.

“BPV-RK” is intended for operation as a component of a system that is operated by a control panel, supporting “RIELTA-Contact-R” wireless two-way data exchange protocol.

“BPV-RK” provides two relay outputs and two inputs for alarm loop (AL) hooking up


Rated power supply (Uin) DC 12V (+4V/-2.2V)
Consumption current:
- average in standby mode, not more than
- maximal

15 мА
130 мА
Relay outputs (for each output)
- current, not less than
- voltage, not less than

7 А
30 V
Operating temperature minus 30°C...+50°C
IP rating IP>20
Dimensions, not more than 165х115х43 mm
Weight (without power supply batteries), not more than 0.3 kg
Average service life, not less than 8 years