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Passive infrared detector with pet immunity

Passive infrared detector "Pyrone-5" (hereinafter, the Detector) is intended for detecting intrusion into a closed protected space, generating alarm messages by the relay contacts opening and transmitting them to the control panel via two-way wireless communication by the "Rielta-Contaсt-R" protocol.

The Detector ensures wide-angle detection zone.

The Detector provides pet immunity up to 40 kg

Two sensitivity modes:

-resistance to movement of pets up to 10 kg (cats, fancy breed dogs);

- resistance to movement of pets up to 20 kg (short-hair dogs with temperature contrast 8°C), up to 40 kg (long-hair dogs with temperature contrast 6°C)

Informational content: „Norm”, „Alarm”, „Tamper”, „Main battery discharge”.


Maximum detection range  10 m
Maximum detection range -20…+50°С  
IP-rating IP41 
Power-supply battery   CR123A
Battery life, not less than 5 years