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Ladoga KTS-RK, Ladoga KTS-RK vers.1

installation guide KTS-RK Download
installation guide KTS-RK vers.1 Download
installation guide KTS-RK (Axsem rev. 7) Download


Alarm button

Designed for manual forming and transmission the “Alarm” message and additional control codes via the wireless two-way communication by the protocol “RIELTA-Contact-R” “Ladoga KTS-RK” and Ladoga KTS-RK vers.1 may be used as ”Arming/disarming” key holder. Testing mode is provided.

“Ladoga KTS-RK vers.1” encloses the vibrating motor for confirmation of a control command successful delivery to CP.

“Ladoga KTS-RK” power supply from battery of CR2032 type;

“Ladoga KTS-RK vers.1” power supply from battery of CR2450 type;


Operating temperature -20...+50°С
IP rating IP40
Dimensions 38x67x18 mm