Яндекс цитирования


Ladoga BRSS-Ex ver.1



Zone expansion module

Design to receive alarm signals from the detectos installed in hazardous areas and to provide power supply to detectors.
BRShS-Ex is intrinsically safe barrier that must ve installed OUT of the hazardous area.
BRShS-Ex sends information about status od intrinsically safe loops according to version:

- control panel Ladoga-A (the most detailed information);
- any other control addressable panel via relay module ("BRV-A" ver.2)
- any other control addressable panels via brooadcasting of the loops resistance from hazardous area.


  Quantity of intrinsically safe loops of alarm Quantity of intrinsically safe power unit (up to 100mA) Explosion-proof labeling IP rating Operating temperature Output interface
BRShS-Ex  8 2 [Exia]IIC X IP20 -40...+55°C RS-485,relay
(using "BRV-A" mod.2)
BRShS-Ex ver.1  8  5 [Exia]IIC X IP20 -40...+55°C RS-485,relay
(using "BRV-A" mod.2)
BRShS-Ex ver.2  2  2 [Exia]IIС X IP65 -40...+55°C RS-485, output resistance equal intrinsically safe larm loop resistance