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Wireless Passive Infrared Detector

Wireless passive infrared detector “Pyrone-SH2-RK” is designed for detecting intrusion into the protected closed area of a room through door and window openings, for generating and transmitting alarm messages to the control panel via two-way wireless communication by the "Rielta-Contaсt-R" protocol.

The Detector provides vertical curtain detection zone.

The Detector base has four planes for mounting, providing possibility of the Detector installation in standard manner (above the window opening), as well as directly in the corners of window and door openings without swivel bracket.

Informational content: „Norm”, „Alarm”, „Tamper”, „Main battery discharge”.

The Detector provides control of radial alarm loop (AL). The Detector is powered from one lithium power supply battery.


Maximum mounting height 5 m
Detection angle 90°
Operating temperature minus 20…+50°С
IP-rating IP41
Dimensions 80х47х40 mm
Power supply battery CR123A
Battery life, not less than 5 years