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Pyrone-8-RK, Pyrone-8B-RK

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Installation guide Pyrone-8B-RK
(Axsem rev. 10/10.1)


Wireless passive infrared detector for open areas

Designed for outdoor application, transmission of signal via wireless two-way communication by the protocol “RIELTA-Contact-R”

  • «Pyrone-8» — wide angle
  • «Pyrone-8B» — vertical curtain
  • Three dual element pyrodetectors in three independent detection channels provide high level of reliability and decrease of false alarms

Message types: “Normal”, “Alarm”, “Tamper”, “Main Battery discharge”

Operating temperature from -40 to +50°С (without regard of accepted battery temperature). Detector power supply is provided from two batteries of CR123A type

The operation duration from supply battery – not less than 3 years


Detection range 12 m
Operating temperature -40…+50°С
IP rating IP54
Dimensions 180x70x60 mm