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Security Fog Generator "Udar-T-2"

The security fog generator “Udar-T” is used to prevent thefts by generating a large amount of artificial fog in a short time.

"Udar-T-2" provides:

  • generation of artificial fog by an external command;
  • sending signals about the state of “Udar-T”;
  • backup power supply at the time of the main power off;
  • joint operation with any control panels. "Udar-T" comprises six analog control inputs and eight information outputs.

Main technical characteristics

Maximum protected space volume 300 m3
Volume of liquid container 1 liter
Liquid storage time 2 years
AC voltage range от 187 до 253 V
The power consumed from the AC mains in standby mode, not more than 70 W
Maximum power consumption, not more than 1700 W
Rechargeable battery 2 pcs. 12V 1.2Ah
Operating time from fully charged battery with subsequent fog generation, no less than 2 hrs
Duration alarm or malfunction message, not less than 2 sec
Operating temperature 0 ... +50 °С
Permissible relative humidity at +25°C, not more than 95%
Weight, not more than 18 kg