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Explosion-counteracting system “Udar-KB” (hereinafter, “Udar-KB”) is designed for counteracting gas-explosion attacks against ATMs and self-service machines. Such attacks are undertaken by introducing domestic gases into ATM and igniting the gas-air mixture.

Product Overview

Udar-KB provides: 

  • initial detection of pre-explosive concentration of dangerous flammable gases (methane, propane, etc.) inside Secured Object;
  • generation of an alarm message by “C NC” contacts opening;
  • gas-air mixture explosion countering-action by introduction of phlegmatizing agent (hereinafter, the Phlegmatizer).

The Udar-KB Components

  • The flammable gas detector “Udar” designed for detection of pre-explosive concentration of dangerous flammable gases (methane, butane, propane, etc.) inside Secured Object, alarm message generation, phlegmatization process monitoring and external magnetic contact control (as an example, MK-Ex vers.1);
  • The phlegmatizing unit, containing:

      - Tank (of volume in accordance with the product version), for Phlegmatizer storage for the phlegmatizing agent storage;

       - pressure sensor, for generation of message about tank pressure lower than permissible level by means of output contacts opening;

       - valve plug, for the tank closure during service and transportation;

  • Backup power-supply unit and rechargeable battery, designed to provide backup power supply to the modules of the system;
  • Security magnetic contact, intended to disable the introduction of Phlegmatizer when the Secured Object door is opened.

“Udar-KB” Version Depending upon the Secured Object Dimensions

Depending upon the inside volume of the Secured Object requiring explosion protection, the minimum-sized suitable Phlegmatizer tank is chosen in accordance with Table 1.

Version Secured Object volume, l Tank volume, l Dimensions*
Phlegmatizer release station, mm
Udar-KB-1 up to 150 1 90x150x260
Udar-KB-2 150-300 2 110x170x340
Udar-KB-5 300-500 5 150x210x490
Udar-KB-5-2-1 150-300 1+1 90x240x460


*) – the dimensions may vary depending on the Udar-KB versions contents of delivery