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Security Wireless Inertia Detector

Designed to detect movement or position changing for the monitored object. Generates and transmits alarm message via two-way communication signal by the “Rielta-Contact-R” protocol.

Alarm messages informational content: “Norm”, Alarm-Tilt”, “Alarm-Movement”, “Failure”, “Tamper Output”, “Main Battery Discharge”, “Backup Battery Discharge”;

  • Detects changing of the object tilt for 3° or more relative to its initial position along three axes;
  • Detects the monitored object movement at a distance 0.25m or more with the acceleration 0.5 m/sec² or more;
  • The detection rate no more than 1 sec;
  • Discrete adjustment of each channel detection threshold separately;
  • The Detector is false alarm protected for:

          - monitored object tilt relative to its initial position for less than 1°;
          - monitored object vibration with the acceleration up to 1 m/sec² within 10 to 55 Hz frequency range;

  • Indicates “Interference” if monitored object is accelerated up to 0.2 m/sec²;
  • Power supply is provided from two batteries СR2450 type


Operating temperature range  -10 … +50°С
The operation duration from power supply battery not less than 1 year