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Ladoga BRSS-RK-RTR vers. 2

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Wireless Zone Extension Module.Repeater

Is intended for operation as a part of multicomponent control panels and for retransmission of information from wireless security and fire detectors or other terminal devices.

Is powered by AC mains with 230V nominal voltage.

Reserve power is supplied by the built-in storage battery LIR14500 type with nominal voltage 3.7V and capacity 750 mA*h.

Storage battery is withdrawable.

On-stream time in normal conditions with fully-charged storage battery in working order, is not less than 24 hours.


Supported wireless devices, items Up to 31
Power supply, V AC 230 V (184 - 253 V), 50 Hz (±3 Hz)
Operating temperature -20 ... +45°C
IP rating IP20
Dimensions 66x66x35 mm