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Wireless combined outdoor siren

Wireless combined light and sound alerter. Wireless combined alerter "Trubach-U-RK" is designed to inform people about events by generating sound and light signals.

  • Designed for continuous around-the-clock operation in open areas and in enclosed spaces, residential and industrial buildings and structures;
  • Supports the protocol of two-way radio communication exchange "Rielta-Contact-R" in the frequency range from 433.05 to 434.79 MHz ;
  • Provides continuous and pulse alert modes ;
  • Pulse parameters can be set by the user during adjustment;
  • Provides contrast acceptation of light signal at illumination level up to 500 lux.

Technical specification:

Acoustic pressure level at 1 m distance from the Siren, not less than 95 dBA
Generated acoustic signals frequency 2 … 5 kHz
IP rating IP54
Dimensions, not more than 220х330х90 mm
Weight, not more than 1 kg
Average service life 8 years
Operating temperatures:
- in a battery mode
- in external power supply mode

-20...+55 °C
-40...+55 °C