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Wireless Passive Infrared Detector

Detects intrusion into the protected closed hazardous area of a room through door and window openings, for generating and transmitting alarm messages to the control panel (hereinafter, CP) via two-way wireless channel by the "Rielta-Contaсt-R" data exchange protocol


  • Vertical curtain detection zone
  • Two-way installation using four fastening surfaces of the Detector base: either above the protected opening, or in the corners of window openings, door cases, etc. without swivel bracket
  • Information content: “Norm”, “Alarm”, “Tamper”, “Main Battery Discharge”
  • Wire loop state control


Maximum mounting height, m 5
Detection angle 90°
Operating temperature, °С from minus 20 … +50
from minus 20 … +50 IP41
Dimensions 80х47х40 mm
Power supply battery CR123A
Battery life not less than 5 years