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Foton-12-RK, Foton-12B-RK

Price: 1347.00 руб
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Wireless passive infrared sensors

Designed to provide detection of intrusion into protected area of closed premise with the following “Alarm” message sending via the wireless two-way communication by the protocol “RIELTA-Contact-R”

  • «Foton-12-RK» - wide angle
  • «Foton-12B-RK» - vertical curtain

Message types: “Normal”, “Alarm”, “Tamper”, “Main battery discharge”, “Backup battery discharge” Power supply is provided from two batteries – main type CR123A and backup type CR2032The operation duration from supply battery – not less than 5 year


Detection range

• Foton-12-RK
• Foton-12B-RK


12 m
15 m

Operating temperature -20...+50°С
IP rating IP41
Dimensions 92x57x48 mm