Smart home security system RiDom

Convenient solution for the smart home security and advanced interaction with the living space

Combined outdoors security detector

Advanced detector for outdoor installation with two detection channels: infrared and radio wave. Pet resistance is up to 20 kg.

Vibration security detector

The detector is designed for timely prevention for any attempts to break through walls and other construction elements.

A complex of security and fire alarms devices

The application of Ladoga EX allows to deploy a security and fire alarm system in explosive areas with nonaggressive environment.
Over 300 developments

A wide range of our products allows to choose the best solution for any security object and task. The equipment manufactured by Rielta is used in social facilities such as schools, pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, banks and shops, as well as in large critical facilities, including nuclear power plants, airports and military objects.


Quality control system of manufactured products at all stages of the technological process.

About the company
30+ years

Rielta has been on the market for more than 30 years and during this time the Company has gained ialuable experience in the research, development and production of vairous security equipment. Rielta is a reliable and proven partner that knows how to ensure the security of any facility.

Innovative technologies

Rielta constantly introduces the latest technologies and advanced developments into the manufactured products. Thanks to this, the products are characterized by high efficiency, reliability and modern design.

Over 20 patents

The company is a recognized leader in the field of security equimnet. Rielta obtains more than 20 patents confirming the expertise and uniqueness in the development of new security solutions.

Variety of applications

Security products manufactured by Rielta are used not only at large industrial facilities, private properties and objects of state importance, but also at cultural and historical heritage sites where reliable protection of valuable exhibits is required. The Oranienbaum Palace, the Russian Museum, the Kremlin Museum and many others can be found amoung the clients that use Rielta equipment that provides them with a reliable and efficient security systems.