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The Udar-KBM is a metal safes explosion countermeasure device. It allows to prevent attempts to use explosive gas pumped inside the safe space of ATMs and other enclosed volumes to burst the safe open.

Basic information

Udar-KBM main features:

  • early detection of presence of combustible gases in pre-explosive concentrations inside the secured object;
  • counteraction to the explosion of a gas-air mixture by emission of a phlegmatizer mixture into the internal space of the secured object.

Udar-KBM consists of the following parts:

  • explosive gas detection unit "Udar-DG";
  • door control unit "Udar-MK";
  • phlegmatization block "Udar-BF".
Depending on the model of the self-service device Udar-KBM is available in two versions Udar-KBM-1 and Udar-KBM-2.

Type of device
Anti-explosion device for safes
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