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ZVON-1, ZVON-1 vers. 1

Price: 312.00 руб
Installation Guide Zvon-1 Download
Installation Guide Zvon-1 vers.1 Download
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Glass break detector


  • “Zvon-1” — without tamper output
  • “Zvon-1” vers.1 — with tamper output
  • Detecting destruction of the following types of construction glasses: common, quenched,
    patterned, armored, multilayer and protected with polymer tape (laminated), glass hollow blocks, as well as standard double and triple-chamber windows
  • Adjustment of sensitivity
  • Alarm output: energized Form A (NC) relay


Detection range 6 m  
Minimum controlled glass area 0.1 m2
Power supply, V DC  9…17 V
Current consumption, max 18 mA
IP rating IP30
Operating temperature -20 ... +45° С
Dimensions 80х46х29 mm